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Becoming a Synergy Reseller


Synergy is always looking to extend it’s reseller channels and becoming a Synergy reseller will significantly boost your businesses revenue and annuity.

This revenue comes from several sources:

  • Initial margin on Synergy product sale
  • Sale and installation of required computer and networking infrastructure
  • Onsite installation & training of Synergy product
  • Ongoing software and infrastructure support
  • Recurring annuity of margin on upgrade contracts

Synergy can provide hardware and access to it’s service desk for your clients if this is how you would prefer to operate.

Your specific margin on Synergy products can be increased based on performance.

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To find out more please complete the form below to submit your expression of interest in becoming a Synergy reseller. We will contact you to discuss the specifics and arrange the Synergy Reseller Agreement form.

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