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Additional Modules

Synergy Packages

Additional Modules

Synergy systems come in a range of 3 different packages -

Standard: Comes with Accounts Receivable and Marketing for full client account management and marketing, with detailed reporting and powerful functionality for marketing by post, email and SMS txt message!

Advanced: Includes all of the above plus Cashbook and Stock Control (read more on these modules below!).

Premium: Includes all of the above plus General Ledger, Accounts Payable and the Labour Module (read more on these modules below!).

Module Details

TimeClocking Module: Acheive clear visibility of your staff productivity while significantly reducing administrational overheads. Click here to download the TimeClocking brochure.

General Ledger: Save on accountancy costs and get instant access to your businesses current financial position. Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet, Trading Accounts, Budgeting. General Ledger is part of the Synergy Premium package.

Accounts Payable: To show what is owed to suppliers / creditors. Integrates directly with Stock Control and Cashbook.Links with popular electronic banking packages. Purchase analysis reports, financial status and payment due reporting.

Cashbook: Although Cashbook can be run as a standalone system, it can also be run as a module within your existing Synergy system. Cashbook is an easy to use, popular module which records receipts and payments through your bank account(s) and prepares schedules for GST to make GST returns a breeze. Cashbook can be updated automatically with information from Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable, and information from Cashbook can integrate with General Ledger. Click here for more information.

Additional POS Lanes For use with PumpLink and POSLink systems - see POSLink for more information.

Price Book Importing: Update your product pricing schedules with price books sent from your suppliers. Stay on top of your suppliers current pricing, minimise data entry and protect your margins to stay profitable!

Stock Control: Track stock, detailed supplier reports and purchase histories. Full and rolling stocktakes, which can integrate with selected wireless barcode stocktaking devices. Print and update stocktaking reports. Link supplier orders to client jobs (making sure you never forget to bill out parts ordered for a specific job!).

Serial Number Tracking: To track serial numbers from receipt of goods right through to sale. To ensure staff correctly assign serial numbers to clients. Perfect when selling serialised items such as computers or tyres to track the the purchase and sale of a specific product, for such things as warranties and proof of purchase.

Branch Invoicing : Separate information between separate branches or areas of your business.

Booking Diary: Replace your manual booking diary with an electronic booking one that is fully integrated to Synergy's Back Office programme be that Auto Shop or Financials. Clients can be booked for a particular service and allocated against staff for different times of the day.

Labour Module: Easily record and track what each employee does each day. Easy to use - so your mechanics can be responsible for entering their own labour time entries. Allows non chargeable time to be included such as paperwork and standby reporting (reporting of staff on call). Excellent productivity reporting is available through this module by the day, staff and hours worked. The labour module makes payment of staff a breeze.

Livestock Module: Transforms Synergy Financials into a fully customised stock sale and commissioning system for the New Zealand Livestock industry. 'Synergy LiveStock has halved transaction processing time, provides instant commission reports per agent which used to take hours manually and increased overall accuracy and efficiency' - Julie Mains, Jules Business Services. Click here to download the LiveStock product brochure.

Seed Dressing Module: Simplify traceability and alleviate the headaches of a manual paper based system with Synergy Seed Dressing module, tracking seed from intake of seed at harvest time to dressing returns, charging, purchasing and storage. Click here to download the Seed Dressing brochure.